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Baba Mama

Baba Mama, younger brother of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Baba Mama will always be remembered for the enormous contribution that he made to music in Sahaja Yoga. Although he was a very gifted mathematician and accountant, taking after his mother, he also became a poet later on. He wrote many beautiful devotional songs.
He founded Nirmal Sangeet Sarita and connected many muicians to Sahaja Yoga. He founding piller of P K Salve Music Academy at Nagpur. He wanted to promote 64 Arts through this academy. Sahaja Yogis always remember him for his dynamic approch , his devotion and surrendering nature towards Sahaja Yoga

Let’s enjoy this video what Shri Mataji says about him and memories about him through various programs

Golden Memories of Baba mama
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